Shareholding Information

AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange

  • 219,000,000

    No. of shares in issue

  • 56.6%

    Shares not held in public hands

  • Nil

    No. of warrants and options in issue

Significant Shareholders and Directors Shareholdings

The information below is based on the latest notification to the company and relayed on RNS, up to 28 November 2023. It may not necessarily reflect the latest shareholdings of each significant shareholder. Under the AIM Rules and the company's constitution, shareholders are obliged to notify the company when their holding is 3% or more, and when it increases or decreases through any single percentage point. Under the DTR 5, they are also required to notify the FCA when the holding reaches, exceeds or falls below 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50% and 75%. Notifications to the company may be made via email at


The Company's shares are traded on AIM under the ticker code STCM and are not traded on any other exchange.

  • 67,985,906

    Halfmoon Bay Capital Limited, Mango Bay Enterprises Inc. & Alwaha Fund Limited (held by Tan Sri Azmi bin Wan Hamzah)

    Last AIM date : 20 April 2022
  • 37,170,066

    Family of David Crichton-Watt

    Last AIM date : 12 Oct 2022
  • 27,023,789

    Apollo Asia Fund Limited

    Last AIM date : 05 Oct 2020


  • 19,003,115

    Family of Javier Del Ser Perez

    Last AIM date : 28 Nov 2023
  • 11,768,162

    Firebird Fund L.P., Firebird Avrora Fund Ltd and Firebird Republics Fund Ltd

    Last AIM date : 8 Aug 2016

Share Restriction

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the shares. The rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in an incorporated UK Company. Shareholders should refer to the company's constitutional documents on AIM Rule 26 page for further details.

Takeover and Mergers Code

Steppe Cement Ltd is not subject to the provisions of the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers or similar legislation.