Line 5

September 2013 update

Kiln inlet end seal lubrication system in operation
Kiln main burner diesel firing connection with diesel pipes
Pre heater – level-66 raw meal feeding air slides frames are getting into final position
Pre heater down comer duct final position and joining completed
Pre heater chutes installation had been started with refractory lining
Kiln trail run at 2.5 rpm was successfully completed
Kiln brick lining initiated with special platform on hood for forklift
Kiln brick lining going well and to be boxed up for pre heating
Kiln Brick lining with Arch machine in progress
Kiln Brick lining completed
Raw mill -2 main dust plant fixed with bags and ready for box up
Raw mill bunkers top dust plants for getting ready
Kiln and RAW MILL Utility compressor system was commissioned successfully
Pre heater side cladding was initiated
Raw mill gas duct installation under full swing