Line 5

May 2013 update

Pre calciner-Top piece lifted and being welded
Kiln Girth gear- Pinion alignment in progress
Kiln expect to be read with drives by 10th June
Cooler Hydraulic system base platforms are getting paved
Cooler building top covered
Cooler outlet gas duct supporting structures are being installed
Kiln feed- Raw meal silo top level-66 air slide supporting structures
Raw mill feeding Belt system in position
All feeders are mounted with motor- Cleared for E& I cable connections
Raw mill-2 outlet end dilution duct connected
Raw mill structures coming up- About 400 MT lifted
Raw mill –Insulated gas ducts are being lifted
Raw mill -1 inlet chutes are ready in position
Additional Tower crane on Raw meal silo top in operation
Coal mill hot gas duct with Booster fan
Schenck LCV hopper structure with stair case
Schenck – multicore feeder being positioned
4th Stage Cyclone refractory in progress
Pre heater cyclone bottom meal chutes are being lined
Water pump system building getting ready
Compressor Room at kiln floor is ready
Limestone crusher lubrication system being assembled
Final cable Testing and Termination in TP0A (Limestone Crusher)
MCC (Limestone) Incomer Cable Connection
Cooler VVVF Fans Transformer Cable Termination
Earth to Ground Resistance Testing at TP 0A
Cable Termination at Clay Crusher E/P Fan