Line 5

March 2013 update

Kiln hood with TAD Duct sealing ring and Guillotine Damper case in position
Kiln Hood under full welding with retainer plates in position
Kiln inlet end with heat resistant castings- Ready for Refractory lining
Kiln outlet end with Burner pipe assembly in position – Ready for Refractory lining Kiln hood erection started
TAD Duct being installed from kiln hood to Precalciner
Pre heater - Ready up to 48 meter with secondary platforms- Ready for Refractory lining
Pre calciner level- 15 secondary platform completed
Level-40 4th & 3rd Cyclone meal chutes are in position with expansion joints
Pre calciner entry inlet into kiln 100% ready Refractory laying
Cooler - Upper Grate ready for refractory linning from 15th April -2013
Cooler Booster Fan- being assembled with base alignment
Raw meal silo-1 Cones in position and air slide boxes are being positioned
Kiln Feed air slide to weigh bin supporting structure being positioned
RM-1 Clay and Iron Ore feeder in final position
Raw mill -2 Clay and Iron Ore feeders been positioned
Raw mill Feed belts frames under installation
Raw mill- 1& 2 Inlet gas ducts are in position
Raw mill Gas duct supports and platforms being installed
Raw mill gas duct structures on mill-2 end till level-14
Raw Coal Feeder being assembled in position
Gas Duct in to the mill getting ready
Coal mill hot gas duct outside the coal mill building
New Twin Hopper for HCV & LCV are being installed
SCHENCK Coal firing to Pre calciner System structure under erection
Limestone Hammer Crusher 90% completed and ready for Electrical connections