Line 5

June 2013 update

Kiln platform with shell cooling fans in position
Kiln Girth gear values - backlash final alignment on going - Seen by our CEO
Kiln first rotation with Diesel Engine by GD on 19th June
Precalciner coal feeding pipe on position
Cyclone - Stage - 1 - at level-66 completing by 25th June
Pre heater structure strengthening in progress
2nd Cyclone - Clearance for refractory by 25th June and Calciner Exit duct on going
Cooler - Exit duct after the fan installed till tower crane
Cooler exit duct at raw mill silo end positioned
Bridge in between Preheater and Silo ready for Air slide installation
Kiln feed flow gates under silo being installed- Expect to be ready by 30th June.
Separator RM - 1 & 2 are in position
Raw mill 1 & 2 inlet duct with damper in position
Raw mill 1 & 2 inlet duct with distance piece & feed chute in place
Coal mill - New Girth gear –Expect to be on site by 5th July
Coal mill - end wall liners are fixed up
Schenck LCV hopper with dust plant - Erection completed
Clinker Conveyor rails are aligned - Ready for pans fix up
AC-200 Gallery structure completed with stair case
Cooling water system ready - Pipe lines outside would be last as it passes on Raw mill end
Pre heater- Raw mill utility compressors & Dryers are being placed

E&I Works Progress

Works In Progress - Main MV Distribution Substation SS2
Cable Trays works at Limestone Crusher 98 % Completion - motors cabling in progress
Cable Trays works in Raw Mill Section in Progress
Works Progress in Cooler Area, Cabling - Transformer & Panels Fixing
Cable Trays Installation at Kiln and Preheater - On going