Line 5

Line December 2012 update

Kiln shell welding in progress and expecting complete by mid-December-2012
Clinker Cooler modules installed with Breaker assembly
Cooler Fans are in position
Clinker Cooler Heat Exchanger installed with cooling fans
Pre heater erection with pre-calciner lifted until 48 meter level
Cyclones casing with roof beams pre-assembled and ready for lifting
Raw mill structural supports arrived on site – Erection due to start from December-2012
Pre heater cyclone bottom cones were installed at level-40
Raw mill-2 Bag filter case installation completed.
Kiln outlet seal ring fabricated and ready for painting
Pre-heater parts being lifted by Tower crane
Kiln feed weigh bin installed
Raw mill feed system Apron feeders are being installed
Raw mill gas duct support foundations completed.