Line 5

April 2013 update

Kiln outlet end sealing pipe been positioned
View from Kiln outlet end with side walkway platforms
Kiln Hood with TAD & Heat Exchanger
Girth gear radial & axial run out dial gauge alignment work was completed.
Level-66 structural works in progress – Pre calciner top duct to be joined
2nd cyclone roof ready for lifting
Cooler –inside grate covered with wooden plank- Ready for refractory
Cooler –TAD Guillotine Damper ready for lifting
Cooler – back end Blasters in position
Raw mill-2 gas duct with supports on axis- 7 & 8
Gas duct to silo top- Thermal insulation work was initiated
Kiln feed Bucket Elevator drive assembly been positioned
Raw meal silo-1 Cones in position and air slide boxes are being positioned
Raw mill -1 feed belt roller supports been positioned
Schenck Coal Hopper on load cell bracket
Pre calciner refractory work was initiated
Water pump system being positioned
Limestone Crusher – Jaw Crusher being revamped